2002 Frozen Microwave Music

Gasthof at Manifesta, Frankfurt a.M, Germany

A recording of a live-performance where frozen meals (we freshly cooked during another performance 4 weeks before) were served from an orchestra of Microwave ovens, which were affixed with contact microphones. ”…Originally a 3-hour live performance by John Armleder and team404, this 74 minutes of musical experimentation with microwaves-as-instruments project, is definitely groundbreaking. The piece basically consists of a live electronic composition based on heating deep-frozen meals with an orchestra of twelve microwave ovens attached with suction-cap microphones and a conductor unsealing the packaged dishes with a pair of scissors connected to a microphone as well…”

side one of the record

Frozen Microwave MusicFrozen Microwave Music 2002 Villa Magica Records